Maroon Dollars FAQ

Purchase Maroon Dollars online here!

*If you purchase Maroon Dollars online, any bonus dollars will be added to your purchase within five minutes.  

What are Maroon Dollars?

Maroon Dollars allow students, faculty, and staff to use their University IDs like a debit card at any dining hall and most cafés and markets on campus. Each time you make a purchase with Maroon Dollars, money will be subtracted from your personal account. One Maroon Dollar is equivalent to $1.

Maroon Dollars also come with bonuses: a purchase of $100 Maroon Dollars or more will include a 5 percent bonus.  A purchase of $250 Maroon Dollars or more will include a 7.5 percent bonus.

When will my Maroon Dollars expire?

Due to the University’s decision to move to remote learning for Spring Quarter, we will be modifying our Maroon Dollar expiration policy.  Students who are graduating this Spring Quarter will receive a refund of any balance in June.  Students who are returning will have their Maroon Dollars balance rolled over (extended) to the next academic year.

 Who can buy Maroon Dollars?

All registered students, university faculty, and staff are eligible to buy Maroon Dollars. Most of the University meal plans also include Maroon Dollars.

Where can I use Maroon Dollars?

Maroon Dollars can be used to purchase meals at the residential dining commons (Baker, Bartlett and Cathey), and to purchase food and other items from the academic cafes and retail markets:

Retail locations Located
C-Shop (Pret A Manger) Reynolds Club
Hutchinson Commons (Noodles, Saffron, Asada, Basma Kitchen) Reynolds Club
Maroon Market Bartlett Dining Commons
Midway Market GGRC Residence Hall, basment

Cobb Coffee Shop (student-run café)

Cobb Hall
Ex Libris Coffee Shop (student-run café) Regenstein Library, main floor
Harper Café (student-run café) Harper Memorial Library
Harris Cafe (student-run cafe) Harris Building
Hallowed Grounds (student-run café) Reynolds Club
Law Café Law School
Cafe Logan Logan Arts Center
Press Café Press Building
Quantum Cafe William Eckhardt Research Center

Gordon Cafe

Gordon Center for Integrative Sciences
Starbucks  Saieh Hall
Tiffin Market International House

Maroon Dollars are also accepted at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore Cafe and the SMART Museum Cafe.

*Maroon Dollars are not accepted at the Laboratory Schools, the Booth School of Business, Harper Center, the University of Chicago Medical Center, or the Divinity School Café (Grounds of Being).

Is there a minimum or maximum purchase of Maroon Dollars?

There is a minimum purchase of $25 for each addition to your Maroon Dollars account, and a maximum yearly purchase of $5,000.

How can I charge my Maroon Dollar purchase to tuition?

You can purchase now purchase Maroon Dollars and charge them to your bursar account, online through our GET Funds application.  You can contact our office,  773-702-1600 or, Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, to confirm you account has access to the “Bill Me” functionality. 

I bought more Maroon Dollars recently, but they still don’t show up when I make a purchase.  Why not?

Students with meal plans have two separate Maroon Dollar accounts: one is attached to the meal plan, and one contains all additional Maroon Dollar purchases.  Once your first account is depleted of all funds, your second account will become active.

For example, if you still have $10 left over from a previous or current meal plan, you will need to spend $10 or more in order to see your new Maroon Dollars when you make a purchase.  You can also check your balance online.

I have a Maroon Dollars account, but my transaction will not go through.  What’s the problem?

Please make sure that the address you entered for the transaction matches the billing address associated with the credit card.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact UChicago Dining at 773-702-1600 or

On my transaction history, what does ‘GUI Location’ mean?

The GUI Location tells you where your transaction was handled, depending on whether you purchased Maroon Dollars online or in person.