Pierce Dining Expansion FAQ

Q.   What is going to happen to the House Tables that currently eat at Pierce?

A.    We strongly believe that House Tables provide our residential community with an important touchstone throughout the day, and are a key element in building community and lifelong connections. We will create space for the current Pierce and Broadview Houses that eat in Pierce Dining Commons to dine in Cathey Dining Commons by connecting the Cohler Club Room and the Sinaiko Club Room within Burton-Judson Courts to the existing Burton-Judson historic dining rooms. We will also create House Tables for Maclean House in Bartlett Dining Commons. The necessary work to accommodate these changes will take place during the summer of 2013.

Q.   Where specifically will my House Table be located?

A.    Below is a list of where House Tables affected by the closing of Pierce Dining Commons will be located:

  • New Graduate Residence Hall Houses (Tufts, Henderson, and Midway House)  — Cathey Dining Commons, Sinaiko Club Room
  • International House Houses  (Phoenix, Thompson, Shorey, and Booth Houses) — Cathey Dining Commons, Cohler Club Room
  • Broadview Houses — Cathey Dining Commons, Judson Dining Room
  • Maclean House — Bartlett Dining Commons

Q.   How will you handle the increased demand for diners in Cathey and Bartlett Dining Commons?

A.    We are developing plans to accommodate the increased demand and improve efficiencies in the two dining facilities next year. Examples include increasing cashiers at each location, creating express salad bars to reduce lines at the salad bars, expanding food stations, adding additional seating to the third floor track in Bartlett, expanding hours, increasing staffing levels, and improving meal exchange options at the cafés.

Q.What will happen to the dining staff at Pierce Dining Commons?

A.    The Pierce dining staff will be given the opportunity to bid on other food service jobs on campus.  This process is governed by union rules. Due to this process and the natural attrition that occurs annually on our campus, it is expected that tenured Pierce dining staff will relocate to other campus dining locations.

Q.Will we still have Fourth Meal?

A.    UChicago Dining is committed to continuing to offer Fourth Meal. We understand that students across campus have come to rely on Fourth meal as a late night dining option. UChicago Dining is working with the Campus Dining Advisory Board to evaluate which location will best support this program.

Q.Will we still have the Mongolian Grill?

A.    UChicago Dining is exploring which dining commons will be the best fit for the Mongolian Grill. Due to the large size of the grill, the requirement for a hood, and the significant heat that it generates, we have to find the right location. 

Click here for a map of next year's House Tables configuration in Cathey Dining Commons.