Saturday Night Meal Swipes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Saturday Night Meal Swipe Program?

The Saturday Night Meal Swipe program is an initiative from UChicago Dining to increase food options for students on Saturday nights. This program came out of conversations with students and administrators across campus.

What is a Saturday Night Meal Swipe?

Saturday Night Meal Swipes will automatically be added to your Unlimited, Phoenix or Apartment meal plan at no additional cost or if you are resident staff. You can only use one Saturday Night Meal Swipe per Saturday of the quarter at Hutchinson Commons from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. These swipes will not accumulate or roll over from one weekend to the next if you choose not to use them.

Who receives the Saturday Night Meal Swipes?

All students on the Unlimited, Phoenix, and Apartment meal plans and resident staff.

Where can I redeem the Saturday Night Meal Swipes?

Saturday Night Meal Swipes can be redeemed at Hutchinson Commons. Each station will offer a combo meal option, and a featured dessert will be available.

*UChicago Dining implemented the Saturday Night Meal Swipes program in fall 2017 without additional cost added to meal plans or any reduction in the overall dining program after our successful pilot in May of 2017.