Communication and Feedback

Channels for Communication

UChicago Dining has many existing channels for providing feedback and having open communication about dining issues with students and all other dining patrons.

Dining Committees

There are three local dining committees, one for each residential dining commons. The students serving on each committee represent that facility’s House communities.  The committees endeavor to meet three times per quarter in order to provide site-specific feedback to UChicago Dining about menu variety, service concerns, etc.

Campus Dining Advisory Board (CDAB)

The Campus Dining Advisory Board consists of a combination of student leaders from Student Government and Inter-House Council. The group meets three times each quarter to discuss issues that affect diners campus-wide, in all three dining commons, or in the markets or cafés.  They serve as a sounding board and provide the student voice when UChicago Dining needs to make important decisions, such as how to better accommodate students with dietary restrictions or what new types of cuisine to make available on campus.

Email UChicago Dining

Any diners can contact UChicago Dining staff directly by sending email to:

UChicago Dining Feedback form

Diners can submit suggestions or other feedback using the web form, available here.

Comment cards

Comment cards are available in all dining facilities.  Just add your comment to a card and submit it in the box.  A manager will provide a reply, and tack it to the bulletin board.  If a manager is unable to address the specific concern, the person commenting will receive an email from UChicago Dining with additional information.

We want to hear from you!

Please use the above channels to contact us with any suggestions you may have or feedback about your dining experience.

We work to provide you with the highest quality dining options and experience possible. Outlined below is our regular process for ensuring that we are meeting and exceeding those standards.

Evaluation and Review Process


  • UChicago Dining and Chartwells staff members conduct daily walkthroughs of dining commons facilities.


  • UChicago Dining holds weekly meetings with Chartwells to discuss operational efficiency and to review and address any concerns.


  • The UChicago Dining operations team conducts monthly audits of safety, food safety, and facility issues.
  • On a monthly basis, UChicago Dining and Chartwells engage a water, hygiene and energy technologies and services company to evaluate conditions and equipment effectiveness. Any adjustments are made nearly immediately, and our on-site equipment engineers address any equipment issues. We also bring the contractor back to do subsequent audits as necessary.