Meal Plan Terms and Conditions

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  • Meal plans are only valid in the quarter for which they are purchased, and will expire on the last day of that quarter.
  • There are no refunds for unused meals.
  • Remaining Maroon Dollar balances will roll over to future quarters, but always expire at the end of the spring quarter.
  • There are no refunds for unused Maroon Dollars.
  • Once purchased, meal plans cannot be downgraded or canceled unless such changes are made before the end of the first week of a quarter. Upgrades are allowable at any time.
  • After the meal plan change period, which ends on the Friday of 1st week, students are not able to switch from the Phoenix Meal Plan to the Unlimited Meal Plan, as these meal plans are the same price and do not constitute an upgrade.
  • Starting in the second week of classes, newly purchased meal plans will be prorated. Prorated plans cost less, but start out with fewer meals and Maroon Dollars.
  • If a student is found to be ineligible for a chosen plan, the plan will be canceled, and the student will be notified of other meal plan options.
  • The meals associated with meal plans, with the exception of guest meals, are only for use by the individual associated with the plan and cannot be used for others.
  • Meal plan holders must always swipe in with a cashier before entering a dining hall.
  • Enrolling in a meal plan online or in-person or purchasing Maroon Dollar’s through GET holds the enrollee to these terms and conditions.
    • Unlimited, 3 meal exchanges, 100 Maroon Dollars
    • Phoenix, 15 meal exchanges, 150 Maroon Dollars
    • Apartment, 8 meal exchanges, 200 Maroon Dollars
  • When UChicago Dining collaborates with campus partners to provide a meal option, participation in the program will be acknowledged and will result in the removal of a meal swipe from your meal plan.

  • If isolating or quarantining Off-Campus, UChicago Dining will be unable to deliver meals. Furthermore, students on a meal plan will not be eligible for a refund of any missed meals due to isolation or quarantining.