Table Tent Approval

Approval requests for table tents at the residential dining commons should be sent to Dining (


  • All table tents have to be approved by UChicago Dining.
  • All requests must be submitted at least 5 days prior to the posting date.
  • The  NEW “table tent”  MUST BE 4 x 9 and fit inside one panel of the acrylic sign holders.  Tri-fold table tents on tables will not be permitted.
  • Table tents are permitted to be displayed for 5 days at most.
  • Unapproved table tents will be removed.
  • Table tent advertisement must be for campus events ONLY.
  • All table tents must include the name of the sponsoring student group, a contact name for questions, and the date for removal of the table tent.
  • To submit a request for approval of your table tents in the dining commons, please email with the table tent design attached. Additionally, the following information should be included in your e-mail:

– Dates requested for posting

– Name of RSO

– Contact person for RSO, including email address

– Date for removal of the table tent

The Center for Leadership & Involvement (RC 006) must approve the table tents for Hutchinson Commons.