2024 Spring Quarter Meal Plan Enrollment and Upgrade Form

2024 Spring Quarter Meal Plan Enrollment and Upgrade Form

A meal plan may be changed to a higher plan at any time during the year. I acknowledge, that this is a non-refundable, non-transferable contract. Meal plans may only be reduced (where allowed) if requested by 4:00 PM, on the Friday of First Week, of each quarter. Meal plans may not be cancelled mid-quarter. Any unused meals will expire at the end of the quarter, and there are no refunds for unused meals. If the meal plan I select, comes with Maroon Dollars, those Maroon Dollars will be available to me for the remainder of the academic year and will expire on convocation.

The student acknowledges that no dining service is available between December 10, 2022, and December 31, 2022, as well as, March 11, 2023, and March 19, 2023. More information about board plans and change policies is available at http://dining.uchicago.edu.

When UChicago Dining collaborates with campus partners to provide a meal option, participation in the program will be acknowledged and will result in the removal of a meal swipe from your meal plan.

If isolating or quarantining Off-Campus, UChicago Dining will be unable to deliver meals. Furthermore, students on a meal plan will not be eligible for a refund of any missed meals due to isolation or quarantining.

I understand that if I take a Leave of Absence or withdraw from the College, I will receive a refund, based on the number of days I was on the plan, beginning with the 1st day of classes.

Format: 12345678X Find your UChicago ID at https://cnet.uchicago.edu/WhoAmI/
If you are a staff member and do not have a student ID, please enter 12345678
Year in College?
Where do you live?
What is your current Meal Plan?
Which Meal Plan would you like to purchase? *
On-Campus: Updated Meal Plan Selection (Apartment) *
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If you have previously enrolled in off-campus meal plans, please visit https://get.cbord.com/uchicago to confirm your current enrollment.  There is a max of 6 off-campus meal plans per quarter, and if you have reached the max for the quarter and pay using a credit card, there may be a delay in processing your refund.

How many packs of 10 swipes would you like to purchase at this time? *
You can purchase a max of 6 off-campus meal plan packs per quarter. Please visit https://get.cbord.com/uchicago to see how many you have previously enrolled in.
You can supplement your Apartment/Phoenix meal plan with Off-Campus 10 Packs. How many packs of 10 swipes would you like to purchase at this time? *
How would you like to pay for your meal plan? *

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