Dining Common Committee


The Dining Common Committees are constituted to provide a mechanism for frequent student feedback on quality of food and service that are relevant primarily to one particular dining unit and do not have wide-ranging impact.


The Dining Common Committee includes a system of advisory groups, one for each Dining Common (Baker, Bartlett, Cathey, Woodlawn). The committee is a student-led group composed of various members of the UChicago Dining team and several of your peers. 

 Issues that rise to the level of systemic service problems at one particular unit (e.g., consistent shortfalls in popular items or a pattern of poor customer service) may also be reviewed by CDAB.

The following are examples of micro-level issues usually considered by the Dining Common Committees:

  • quality of the dining experience (food, environment, menu variety, healthfulness, support of communities)
  • to advise in short-range strategic planning

The Dining Common Committee is chaired by the Directors of UChicago Dining. Any student on a meal plan is welcome to join the meeting and share their thoughts. Other members include: The Campus Executive Chef, the campus dietitian, and the Dining Services management team. Each Dining Common Committee meets monthly to discuss issues relevant to their respective Dining Common, ranging from quality of food to limitations in services. This meeting has been instrumental in providing feedback that has led to the improvements in quality and possible changes in general menu options and selection.

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